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A. The Videos Are Hard To See, How Do I Make Them Bigger?

a. If you place your mouse over the video you will see a small broken square in the bottom right corner of the video. If you click the square it will open the video in full screen mode and take up your entire monitor. When you are done either click the square (it will be inside out) again or press the escape key on your keyboard.

B. How do I charge my clients for my program/course/coaching/etc?

a. We use and HIGHLY recommend ThriveCart. It FULLY integrates with many CRM systems either natively or through Zapier. It is very versatile to work with almost any pricing structure you want for your program. The PRO version also offers an affiliate program built in and is very easy to use with great support. 

C. I use an Apple computer, how do I open the template files?

a. No matter what type of computer you are using we actually recommend using Google Docs for opening, editing and storing the email templates and other downloadable documents. It allows multiple people to edit, approve and access the documents and also frees up space on your hard drive.

D. What is a Joint Venture?

a. A joint venture is where 2 or more businesses (or people) come together to work as one on a promotion, program, product or service. They generally share a similar customer base and have complimentary services. For example a house keeping service and a carpet cleaning service or a copywriter and a marketing company.

E. What online calendar system do you recommend?

a. There are many to choose from. We use and recommend Schedule Once. It is easy to use from an admin aspect but also very easy for the prospect to use to schedule a meeting with you.

F. I just have a question?

a. Sure! Submit the form on the Support page and submit the form. Please be sure to give as much detail as possible so we can get you an answer quickly.

G. Does your system require me to use Keap Max Classic?

a. Great question that we get all the time. Even though it was originally designed to be implemented with the Keap CRM system (and it rocks with it!), actually no it does not require Keap Max Classic to work.

We will reference Keap Max Classic in videos or text because that’s what we designed it all for originally but in all honesty the templates, formula, methodology and such are 100% system agnostic.

This means you can take our process and put it into practice with any system that’s capable of creating the flow and automations we created.

Now, if you’d like us to make it much easier for you and actually build the automation's basic framework for you, we can do that but you will need to have a Keap app for us to do that. Contact us for more info on this.

H. When is the next Open Office Hours session?

a. If Open Office Hours are included in your program you will see information about upcoming sessions after you log in by clicking the Open Office Hours link in the menu at the top of most pages. Clicking that link will give you all of the details.It will also be visible on the main dashboard when you log in right at the top of the page.

We will also email you a reminder each week so you have the information handy when it is time to join in.

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