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Each item located on this page has either been used/tested by us personally or we know the people involved in it and trust them to provide you with a great experience.

Many of these links are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase the service we may get a small amount of compensation at no additional expense to you. However this has not influenced our choice as to whether to recommend the item to you or not. 

Online Calendaring System

Make it easy for yourself and the people you meet to book a call with you. Whether via phone or using a video conferencing platform, give your calendar link to people so they can pick the best time that works for you both.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to not only talk with your prospect/customer but also for you to see each other.  This allows for a stronger relationship and trust to develop

This is the platform that has taken the world my storm with it’s ability to connect people globally via video conferencing at an affordable price. You’ll wan the paid version in order to connect it to your calendaring system.

If you plan on running webinars this platform is amazing. It connects to most CRM systems out there and can do both live AND automated webinars.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

This is the software that we have used since 2008 and it’s doing the work of 2 full time employees for us. CRM, Sales tracking and email management all in one

Same company as Infusionsoft but with less features. If you’re just starting out and need to get something in place, this is a great alternative to InfusionSoft

Also another great tool for getting your email marketing in place. Amazing CRM and automation ability at a great price for someone just getting started.

Shopping Cart

This is the shopping cart we not only recommend but use in our own business. If you have purchased anything from us then you have used ThriveCart to do so.

Video/Audio Equipment

(Optional but makes you look great)
This is the same camera I personally use and love it!

This headset is amazing. If you’re not ready to step up to the fancy Yeti mic, this is a great alternative.

If you want to really step up your game with amazing sound this mic is pretty much will make you sound like a pro!

Website Tools & Themes

This is the company we use to purchase domain names. It is a solid company with cometative pricing.

We highly recommend this company for hosting your websites. They have solid customer support and very competative pricing.

Super versitle theme that cones with template so you have a starting place but then gives you the flexability to make your site whatever you need it to be.

A plugin you can use on your site to make your own, branded short links. This allows you to change the target URL as needed, have a link that you can remember to give to people and also has your own branding in it as opposed to a random (and suspisious) link like

A premium plugin for automatically making backups of your wordpress website. Will also upload those backups to a variety of places so you have them available if you need them.

Infusionsoft Tools

Gives you access to bits of code and tools that allow you to have your Infusionsoft application do things it is not able to do on it's own.

An SMS system that works completely integrated with Infusionsoft allowinf SMS messages to be a smooth step within your campaigns.

 Takes your Infusionsoft optin form code and makes it so bots cannot see it to fill it out. Stops spammers from optin in to using your forms and mucking up your list.

 Creates a bit of code that you place in each email and that code allows you to track more accurately which emails are getting opened and even trigger actions based on those specific opens.


Cross computer/device secure file sharing/syncing. Will auto backup your photos on your phone to your computer and allows you to easily and quickly share files with your team.

Automatic and continuous computer and external hard drive backup service. Very inexpensive way to have a full backup of your computer as well as any external harddrives you connect to it. A nice low, per-computer monthly price for peace of mind.

Podcasts, client testimonials, coaching call notes, Zoom meetings, webinars, marketing videos, on the go notes, written book chapters, and so much more all transcribed for you using this one service.

Note: Most of the links on this page are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive commission of some type. Please understand we only recommend products or services we use personally and believe will add value to our network or that we know the developer and trust them to take great care of you. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials." Full Disclosure Details

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